Thursday, September 22, 2011

Arugula Rice With Chicken Sausage

I invented this tonight!  And so, it probably tasted even yummier to me because I was so proud of myself, but everyone else here liked it, too.

1 1/2 C. rice (I did half white, half brown)
2 C. chicken stock
3 cloves garlic, minced
1 onion, minced
12 oz. Chicken Sausage (I used sun-dried tomato and Asiago cheese variety), sliced thin
3 potatoes, cooked, cubed and salt/peppered to taste
1 large or 2 small bell peppers of any color, sliced
Handful of arugula

Cook the rice using the chicken stock as the liquid.

When the rice is almost done, saute garlic and onion and brown the sausage all together over med-high heat.  When the onions and garlic are soft and translucent, add in the cooked potatoes.  When the rice finishes cooking, open the lid and toss in the arugula and peppers, then cover again and let sit for a few minutes to wilt the arugula and soften the peppers.

To the sausage mixture, add some fresh basil, dried marjoram, dried oregano, and a dash of ground paprika.

Combine the two mixtures.  Stir really well to evenly distribute the arugula, as it tends to clump together.  If you don't like arugula, you could substitute spinach, but I loved the flavor the arugula added.  Lastly, I sprinkled some grated cheese similar to Parmesan, but from goat's milk.  However, I don't think it really needed this at all.

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