Friday, September 16, 2011

Mel's 1st place Dutch Oven Blackberry Cobler

Hi ya'll.  I won first place last week at our ward campout with my Blackberry cobbler.  So, here it is for all to enjoy..


3 cups blackberries.  (Mine were freshly picked, but I'm sure store bought is just a great.  They key here with fresh or store bought is to wash and freeze them individually on a cookie sheet.  The Frozen state of the blackberries is very important in the cooking process.)

1-2 white cake mixes (depends on how much of this stuff you if its just for the family use only one cake mix)

1 can Cream Soda

1 Stick butter

1/4 cup sugar  (um  yeah, it's's not really healthy, but it won FIRST PLACE!!!!)

Okay, take the stick of butter and grease the bottom and sides of the dutch oven.  Place frozen blackberries on the bottom of the oven.  Cover with dry cake mix.  Pour the can of cream soda over the cake mix(s).  Slice the remaining butter and put that over the cake mix in slices.  Sprinkle the sugar over the top.

Cover oven with lid. and cook with charcoal bouquets ( 8-10 on bottom and 12-14 on top...for my large dutch could vary by size so be careful and check often) until brown on top and bubbly. 

Really Yummy folks!.....and did I happen to mention it took FIRST PLACE?!!!!!  :)...I'm pretty proud of that.


  1. As you should be! Congratulations!!! This looks so delicious--I might have to go buy a dutch oven. (c:

  2. Oh, that does sound yummy! And definitely deserving of first place. Congratulations!!

    And, Cheryl, you do need to put a Dutch oven on your wish list. They make everything taste even better.