Monday, February 7, 2011

I'm Not Just A Pizza Dough any more..........

Well, I think by now all of you have realized the no hassle pizza dough recipe I posted a while back is REALLY EASY..and REALLY GOOD. Well, I'm here to tell you that it is also very versatile and solves some major time issues in the kitchen for mommy's like me who never seem to have time to do anything as I would like....

Ryan and I recently tweaked this recipe again, and had really amazing results. Here is what we have made....and the best part....NO RISE TIME AT's just make and bake and its good.


Simply take the dough recipe and Add 1 extra tsp sugar or honey to the yeast mixture in the beginning. Omit spices. Make, pinch balls of dough, place on oiled (or cooking spray) cookie sheet or pan. Bake same amount of time until golden brown.

These were really great. I'm always starting the rolls too really takes a total of 20 min from start to yummy soft roll goodness. Try it.

No Hassle Cinnamon Rolls--

Okay, so how many times have we gotten up in the morning and wanted the goodness of cinnamon rolls but don't have 1hr for rise time and such? My poor family has suffered from a lack of cinnamon rolls for years just because of my lack of time and planning. Well, no more.

Take the dough recipe and add 2 extra tsp of sugar or honey to the yeast mixture. Omit spices. Make dough. Add whatever you like to your cinnamon rolls. I personally like to use brown sugar instead of white because it seems to hold the dough together better and doesn't tend to fall out or burn as easily. Cut out, place on sprayed cookie sheet or pan, don't worry about letting them rise...just stick them in the oven for 10-15 min and there you go. Top with some glaze and seriously you'll wonder why you ever used a dough that made you wait again.

I hope this helps you guys! Don't forget, you can use whole wheat in this recipe for pizza, rolls, or Cinnamon rolls and it still works fantastic! We do it all the time.



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  1. I think at least half of my friends are new converts to your pizza dough. I can't wait to try this!